I Invite You

Tea Ceremony – Tea and Meditation

Love Tea, Curious about meditation but in a rush, stressed in the hustle and bustle of life forgetting the simple beautiful aspects of life. Mark invites you to lay down your burdens relax be still and taste bowls of refreshing Tea in quietness creating your own unique well-being experience in Love. Be in this moment of serenity in your Heart and Soul, In-Joying the peaceful Tranquil stillness created by you and Tea, go inward allowing this moment to be your true self in the conscious presence of now with the Spirit of Tea.

Donation based, suggested donation  £10.

This event will be around  One  Hour or more.

This Ceremony is for Adults only.

Please contact Mark for more information, I am available for private bookings of Tea ceremonies, and for Retreats and corporate workplace.



Known as Cha Dao in Chinese, meaning The Way of Tea.

Dao is the way of nature and the universe.

Tea is a method of self-cultivation a road to the comprehension of life.

Man makes the Tea, chooses the water, arranges the utensils, creates the atmosphere, performs the ceremony, connects all these movements, expressions. Thoughts reflect the ceremony, being in harmony with the grace of Tea leads you to your soul, a nonaction allowing the mind to become still.

When sitting in quietness and elegance of a ceremony with bowl Tea, carefully sip it, feel within your Heart and so In-Joy the peace, tranquillity, stillness that is created allowing you to be free of the stresses and mind activity, feel yourself slow down and allow your true nature to be.

Cha Dao is a way to your Heart, Cherish Tea, Love yourself, Love all that is.