I am Mark, I Love Tea and Nature, as a child making cups of morning and evening Tea for my Parents, always being outside in the fresh air, normally kicking a football!

After various jobs (and lovingly making tea for co-workers!) I chose to travel the world for a few years, this showed me a true reality at this time, meeting people of different cultures, children playing in Love, joy and innocence, Adults being humble, giving from their Heart.

I then felt, what do I Love to do, I volunteered with Herbalists in various countries, this was my study and still is in my own way. The synchronicities that happened led me to Taiwan, I was shown how to create Tea ceremonies by a tea master.

So I now take the courage to shares my gifts and be in service to you all by creating Tea ceremonies. I also take people on Plant and Tree walks including Tea tasting. I visit countries to learn how to make quality naturally grown Tea free of chemicals. I Harvest native plants and Tree leaves for medicinal Tea that I create. I choose to be in the stillness of nature and offer the opportunity to all to experience this way.